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Seeing this new stance on chartering as a clear and present danger to the movement and as a potential setback for families who desperately need new and better options, Black and Hispanic education leaders from across the country have come together to form a coalition to begin to develop a plan of action to try to slow the momentum of the anti-charter forces within the Democratic Party.

A plan of action will be designed to build awareness of and support for public charter schools, specifically those led by people of color. As such, The Coalition has agreed to embark on a set of actions that bring much-needed attention to two specific messages:

  1. Supporting charter schools are supporting the self-determination of Black and Brown people, particularly those who serve as school leaders and control every aspect of operating a school, as well as, parents who actively and intentionally choose these schools to educate their children.

  2. Elected officials need to understand that Black and Brown parents want, value, and choose public charter schools to successfully secure a quality education for their children. School choice is an inalienable right for everyone.

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We will set the conversation straight about the growing impact charter schools are having in communities across the country.

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Our Vision

The Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools envisions an inclusive America in which the self-determination of Black and Brown families is realized, respected, and prioritized so that every parent has the right to meet the aspirations of their family by choosing their child’s school from an expanding portfolio of exceptional educational options, including high-quality public charter schools, developed and led by Black and Brown leaders to improve our most underserved communities.


Our Mission

The Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools promotes public charter schools and chartering to advance and protect the right of self-determination for Black and Brown people. The coalition boldly advocates for the expansion of Black and Brown-led public charter schools by mobilizing communities, educating stakeholders, and advocating for policies that sustain the sector.



FCCS was established in 2019 to bring the voices of Black and Brown charter school leaders, founders, advocates, and the families we serve to the forefront. We see the need for our authentic voice to educate our communities and nation about the foundational role that Black and Brown-led charters play in our pursuits of equity and self-determination. We know that a community that does not control its education can never be free. FCCS exists to lay claim to our truth and to press on towards an immutable, powerful Black and Brown voice that will be cemented in the minds of all who engage in conversations of educating the public. The tumultuousness of these times within which we find ourselves calls for an independent Black and Brown voice.


Created by Dr. Howard Fuller and chaired by Dr. Steve Perry, FCCS immediately secured buy-in from over 250 Black and Brown leaders from 21 states, that collectively serve more than 1 million Black and Brown families. This validated the need for the establishment of an effective and acutely organized vehicle that speaks truth to power from our perspective. FCCS is a bold advocacy group that cut its teeth with a series of direct actions at the 2020 Democratic Presidential Debates. The group attracted significant media coverage, including a front-page story in The New York Times. Our galvanizing principle is that we seek to expand access to charter schools to every child who seeks it.

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